Dimond’s Domain is a blog where I, Dimond, will write and publish (probably inconsistently) posts that are of various random topics. These topics might interest a variety of viewers, or very few, but at the very least my writings should satisfy me. At the very most, my instructions to you are simple:

1. Comment

2. Popularize my blog (spamming not suggested)

3. Make a fan club

4. Urge that fan club(s) to start a Wikipedia article about me and my blog

5. Repeat 1 and 2

Obviously you don’t have to do any of the five listed, but if you were to do something well… don’t say I didn’t give you step-by-step how-tos!    That’s all I have to say, back to blogging…

Thanks for reading! -Dimond

If you have any questions/comments/concerns please email me at dimondd.stone@gmail.com


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