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I Blogged!

12 Feb

I’ve probably killed 50% of the world’s population for not blogging often enough. The reason why it didn’t record all those billions of views was that the system itself couldn’t handle the fact there wasn’t new content and did auto-suicide. That’s fixed though, so I won’t have any problem. Considering my fans got drunk and tried to attempt suicide (though failed), I realized I have to save the rest of the world by trying to blog at a somewhat daily basis. This week and the week after that and all those weeks afterwards will cover topics like gardening, cooking, education, swearing, and murderous Nethack kittens. Wow, and two days ’til Valentine’s… Something to write about! The event 48 hours from now is DEFINITELY something write about! Thanks for reading and staying with Dimond’s Domain. Keep at it and I’ll throw in some fanservice! Well… uhh…. I don’t think there is anything more to talk on about.