Happy Late New Year!

3 Jan

Shoot… Haven’t been blogging for THREE days! For the few fans of my blog, that’s a long time to wait for new martial to devour. That’s a whole seventy-two hours! Meaning you guys waited about 259,200 seconds! Poor fans, been counting each and every second while staring at the computer screen, all those long 4,320 minutes ago.

You can finally rest in peace! New Years may have been a couple of days before, but that’s no reason for me NOT to celebrate Late New Years. Missed January 1st 2011? Don’t worry, we now have Late New Years! Right at midnight, in New York, I tried watching the ball drop. I have never heard of a “ball dropping” in New York Times every 365 days. When this seemingly famous tradition was mentioned by my friend, the image of a gigantic black cannon ball that weighed a ton would be dropped off a skyscraper into a crowd of screaming people . The two hands of a clock tower stroke 12, rang, and ta-da! “Happy 20(10)11 people! Only a few thousand lives lost this year in New York Times!”, would announce the man from the television recap of the next day. Sadly, my vision of the ball dropping was quite different from reality. As you can see from this Youtube link, the “ball” is simply a colorful flashing sphere that slowly slides down from a pole and stop only when it is exactly 12 o’ clock. All of a sudden, people start randomly kissing each other and that’s about it. (By the way, if you are having trouble spotting the shiny sphere thingy, look above the clock with teh numbers flyin’ and teh seconds goin’ dooown.)

Resolutions you say? I don’t know yet, give me a year and I’ll probably think of something. Actually, while I’m thinking, please leave a comment on YOUR resolution(s) of the 2011! Maybe it’s being able to write the year correctly… Hey! I think I just thought of my resolution! This time I’ll remember what year I’m in, unlike last time in Nov. 11th 2011.

(Note: This post has been removed on the day it was published because of technical difficulties, please forgive your author for releasing it to the public over a month later. Since the problems have been solved I shall write and publish a lot more articles this week and from later on. Thank you for your patience. Feb. 9th 2011)



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