The Mana World

29 Dec

I’ve often played this 2D open source MMORPG called The Mana World. The gameplay itself is not the greatest, but if you are looking for a great community, I think TMW is the best. Go ahead and download this game if you are interested in a social experience. It’s unbalanced though, and you are most likely going to have a hard time trying to get through in the beginning. Mostly it’s grind, grind, and more grinding, but besides that, you can always join the development side of things. I’m sure you’ll be welcome to help this project…then again, maybe not.

For some, it can be hard to be accepted, because you might be dismissed, perhaps quite unreasonably, by one who is considered an official developer. Well screw them, you keep trying! Mere ideas or concepts are always useful, I mean, look at this guy! Pateame resurrected an old concept drawn by Modanung and expanded on it. Concepts are great and I think this thread is a good example of it. As you can see, they’ve made a rough sketch and even used clay as a tool. My advice is to get your ideas out, be open to criticism, and then make the little tweaks/adjustments on your product. Oh, almost forgot to tell you, IT ACTUALLY TAKE SOME HARD WORK!!! (I learned this the hard way).

Look more into this by going to Mana Press, another WordPress blog dedicated to all things “Mana”. In this topic, the author discuses different categories that one can contribute in. Play the game, get involved, and remember to take breaks (very important or you’ll end up getting obsessed, like me). One more thing, WIKIPEDIA IS HELPFUL!



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